“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”


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Archery coaching app

As a beginning or more advanced archer it’s not always easy to have a coach present at all times. Get coaching and feedback on your technique from some of world’s top coaches.

  • Video Coaching: Send in your video to be reviewed.
  • Get instant instruction and feedback from the experts.
  •  Keep track of your improvements
Leadership & Motivational speeches

Juan Carlos shares his life experiences and values in different types of group speeches. From Motivational chats to Leadership presentations or Olympic values discussions, Juan Carlos reveals anecdotes, learnings and situations he had during his life, tailored in content, format and length to the purpose of the speech and the client-audience.

Seminars & Workshops

Having participated in hundreds of Archery seminars, courses and workshop for coaches and/or archers all around the world, Juan Carlos can assist an archery Club, Association, Federation or teams by sharing his methods, experiences and knowledge to reach their goals.
He can cover any of the main areas involved in Archery, as development, performance and management, always considering the four main archery elements: the physical, mental, form and equipment areas.

Coaching & Consultancies

Juan Carlos can assist and provide advice to any archery group or individual in different areas. For example, during his carrier, he has:

  • Created and designed successful tailored training plans and programs (for a period, cycle or season).
  • Helped to produce and improve training methodologies for groups and/or federations.
  • Assisted in creating archery development programs, tailored for Federations, Associations and Clubs.
  • Designed archery performance programs at different levels.